Our Regional Centre – An Electro Cabaret

Ever wondered what those queers in regional centers get up to on hot steamy nights? This summer at Adelaide’s annual Feast Festival, the creamiest crop of the Northern Rivers rainbow region presents a spectacular sixty-minute electro cabaret: “Our Regional Centre”, by Pussy Town Tourist Information Centre.

Join us as we take you on a tour of Lismore’s local queer hot-spots (The Winsome Pub, where every good lesbian relationship starts and ends, Dragonfly Café, where you’re bound to spot your ex, her current girlfriend, and the woman you pashed last night, and Tropical Fruits, our renowned annual New Years dance party), discover our local talent (lesbian fan-wielding line-dancers, smutty spoken word artists, vocal sex workers and anti-homophobia activists), bear witness to Fanny Waterfalls’ eco-sexual wedding vows, and then shimmy your way to delirium with the dance moves of drag act Kannibal Kitty.

Set to the soundtrack of electro-fluro-duo Shiny Shiny and DJ Lady K, “Our Regional Centre” will make you want to pack your feather boas and glitter and head north to the country, to experience for yourselves how queers do it in our regional centres.

This show had sell out shows and rave reviews in Lismore – Rochdale Theatre & Tropical Fruits Festival, Adelaide – Feast Festival, and soon tours to Sydney to play shows at the Red Rattler Venue in Marrickville.