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Music Film Clip Production Julia Rose's new filmclip 'Melbourne Town' from her EP 'Stairway to the Moon'. Winner of the 2012 Dolphin Award for best music video.

It all started when…

Melania is an award winning music film clip producer (best emerging talent at the Byron Bay all Shorts, Best Music Film Clip- Dolphin Awards, Best Local talent - Queer Fruits Film Festival) she has also created projections for many musical projects including the dirtgirlworld musical at the Sydney Opera house Jan 2016 and the group immersive project VVR - Virtually Virtual Reality.

She has a passion for bringing songs into the visual realm and supporting musicians to enjoy the creative process of music film clip production.

Official video for 'Ribcage' from the Reichelt album Books on Tape. Video by Shiny Shiny Productions
This is the film clip to the brand new single - "549" from Scarlett Affections new album - "Forever is a long long time".

The second single from their EP - Electro House Wife. This is the Ironing Maidens, Strike While the Iron is hot.